I started Physio last September after a car accident and although I'm now fixed I have continued to use them for ongoing rehab and mobilisation. I still attend sessions for sports massage and acupuncture with Toby and genuinely believe this has got me back in the gym and kept me injury free. First Physio are the first practice to have asked me not just about the injury but about what I want to be able to do after treatment e.g. sport and gym etc, to me this was huge as I felt like a human and an individual not just a patient with a textbook diagnosis.

Natalie from Exeter, Devon



“Jo, without any doubt, can be accredited as one of the main influences behind my cricketing achievements so far. I contacted her in 2010 before having spinal stress fracture surgery because of her outstanding history of working in so many elite sports. From the start her professional approach and dedication in helping you accomplish your goals was very reassuring. Her wide expertise and knowledge ensured a progressive and steady rehabilitation program, which ultimately was one of the main reasons behind giving me that opportunity to have a go at professional cricket. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jo to anybody for any type of injury problem; she will always do her very best to help you succeed”.

Charlie Morris, Worcestershire and Oxford MCCU Fast Bowler



“I first met Jo while I was playing for Exeter Chiefs six years ago. During that time I picked up a serious knee injury which resulted in surgery. I was out of action for 8 months during that time Jo led my physiotherapy and rehab. I was very impressed with Jo’s professionalism, knowledge and the detail she went into to get me back on the field, after what should have been a career ending injury.
I’ve been fortunate to have played professional rugby for 12 years at championship and two premiership clubs and over the years I’ve picked up my fair share of injuries. In my time as a rugby player I’ve not come across any better physiotherapists than Jo. Now as a coach at a National Two rugby club and at Exeter University, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside Jo as our physiotherapist and been happy for her to take the lead on all medical and injury issues. She has a great understanding of injuries and is very organised and professional. Her skills apply to both adults and children alike.
I can’t speak highly enough of Jo. She’s one of the nicest people I have met she is hard working, very organised and I would, and have, many times recommended Jo to anyone struggling with any form of injury”.

Tony Yapp, Head Coach Taunton Titans Rugby Club, Head Coach Exeter University, Head of Elite Rugby Performance at Blundell’s school



"I had problems with my lower back for over six months. I visited Jo at First Physio, she diagnosed the problem as bad positure, she provided some manual therapy which freed up my shoulders she then taped my shoulders back to ensure I kept a good posture for a couple of days to help the repair process. It was was a great way to prevent me from dropping back into a bad routine. I would reccomend trying it if you have the same problem".

Paul from Crediton, Devon.



I have suffered from a bad back since the age of 18 and have tried many things over the years to ease the pain.  Jo was amazing!  I think the difference for me was that she very much worked with me, listening to what I was able to do and was able to tailor a personal programme to my needs. She took into consideration my lifestyle, what I genuinely had time to do as well as noting that some exercises suited me better than others. Her extensive subject knowledge provided instant ways forward in a way that were workable, progressive and that gave me a greater knowledge of how my body worked and responded.  Jo is an expert at building your confidence through positive experiences gained from her successful sessions.  I also had the confidence of knowing that I now had the correct skills for me, to be able to deal with any pain I may get in the future

Liz from Exeter, Devon



I had physio with Sarah for the first time. I was very apprehensive about having physio but I felt very comfortable from my first session, Sarah gave great advice about stretches and my very bad posture and hands on treatment. I can't recommend her enough. We will be back if we need you again!

Leigh from Tiverton, Devon



I had several long standing injuries that were inhibiting my training and were simply not improving. Rehabilitating these has been a tricky, ongoing process and Sally Lynch at First Physio has been instrumental in helping me do this. Her expertise has led to me being able to move better than I have in a long time, which in turn has had many positive effects in both training and life in general. I would highly recommend First Physio.

Matt from Exeter, Devon



I’ve been visiting First Physio for 5 months... when I started I was dealing with severe back pain, and a bonus shoulder & neck injury! I’d tried a few difference courses of treatment but not seen a positive response, but had been introduced to acupuncture so went looking for a local physio. Very soon after starting with Sally I saw a vast improvement in all areas, and following exercise advice daily has left me far more mobile, and able to be active again! One of my issues with treatment in the past has been a lack of explanation as to the what\why of my injury and the work we’re doing. Sally ensures I understand what she’s treating, which really helps me feel comfortable, and keep on top of things between sessions!

Paddy from Exeter, Devon