Taping or strapping is a technique used by physiotherapists for injury prevention. We are fully trained in how to apply it effectively depending on your goals of treatment. The physiotherapists can also teach you how to apply the tape yourself so you can continue to experience the benefit. The practice also helps provide support to muscles and joints during rehabilitation, ensuring further damage is prevented and encouragement is given for the repair to succeed.


What are the benefits?

The benefits will depend on your injury. The aim is to encourage some of the following benefits:

  • Protection of injured soft tissue structures (ligaments, tendons, fascia),
  • Injury prevention,
  • Encourage normal movement,
  • Quicker return to sport or work,
  • Pain reduction,
  • Improves the stability of a joint,
  • Reduce the risk of re-injury,
  • Reduce swelling,

Customer Feedback:

"I had problems with my lower back for over six months. I visited Jo at First Physio, she diagnosed the problem as bad positure, she provided some manual therapy which freed up my shoulders she then taped my shoulders back to ensure I kept a good posture for a couple of days to help the repair process. It was was a great way to prevent me from dropping back into a bad routine. I would reccomend trying it if you have the same problem".

Paul from Crediton, Devon.

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